White Kitchen Backsplash - A Popular Design Inspiration

White Kitchen Backsplash - A Popular Design Inspiration

The color white is known for its balance and powerful way of conveying harmony, and has become a popular design choice in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. In Feng Shui, white is a system of arranging your environment to create harmony.

In theory, an all white space may be considered cold and stark but quite the contrary in interior design and home remodeling as the visual reality tells a different story. The blank, minimalistic side of white allows design to be at its most basic. Stripped of excessive colors, shapes and textures, white is the perfect blank canvas for creating a memorable space that can be timeless.

Let’s discuss the beauty of white in a kitchen. Before you begin a kitchen design project, ask yourself what type of ambience you’re trying to create. The white kitchen backsplash you choose can either be a focal point of your kitchen or add contrast subtly with other accessories in the kitchen. White backsplashes don’t have to be boring. With so many options to choose from like glass, marble, porcelain, recycled glass, pebble stone – the subtle nature of white can add depth and dimension to any kitchen backsplash.

Adamant Volakes Marble Backsplash Tile         Archery White Oak Glass Herringbone Tile for Backsplash         Chandelier Carrara White Teardrop Backsplash Tile
Farmhouse Decor

One staple of the ever-popular farmhouse style is muted colors and delicate patterning. The classic and functional, yet current mosaic tile options lend the right element of style to any kitchen design project. Knowing if to add solid glass tile or glass tile blended with other material will depend on the contrast you wish to add with your kitchen backsplash. Your design can vary from rustic farmhouse to modern farmhouse with the choice of tile you select. 

Art Deco Style

This chic style lends itself to sharp lines and geometric styles. By installing a backsplash with art deco flair it’s good to pick up color from the surrounding countertop and cabinets to create a seamless look. Round mosaic glass tile blended with lustrous mother-of-pearl can add a dynamic, unusual flair to kitchen design. Want that classic, yet modern look? Hexagon tile will embellish your kitchen design with just the right contemporary touch.

Subway Tile Chic

White subway tile is considered a vintage design element in classic white kitchens. These tiles are available in a variety of sizes – 3” x 6”, 2” x 8”, 3” x 12” and lend themselves to be installed in a variety of patterns. No need to be too basic with the clean, crisp white subway tile – adding an off white option or a larger subway tile with a hint of color will be ideal for complimenting any décor or color palette.

Understated Elegant Marble

If understated elegance is your choice, white marble or white marble with other blended material is a stunning option for a white kitchen backsplash. Water jet leaf Carrara marble created from beautiful, intricate design is great for a luxurious look. Using a marble tile with metal and glass represents the pinnacle of luxury.

Herringbone Pattern

You may think choosing white for your kitchen backsplash is an easy decision, but finding the right tile design is what determines the overall appearance and balance in a white kitchen. A herringbone pattern is made from rectangular tile pieces that create a “zigzag” pattern. The beauty of choosing a white herringbone backsplash tile is you can control how eye-catching you want the tile to be. A lighter grout will create a more subtle pattern appearance, while contrasting grout will allow the herringbone pattern to shine.

Overall, the design choice is yours. Choosing the right white tile pattern will make the simplest areas in your home look more appealing and elevate the space you’re remodeling. Don’t be afraid to use white in your kitchen design. Plan, design and execute!

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