Bathroom Color Schemes to Excite Your Creative Side

Bathroom Color Schemes to Excite Your Creative Side

In some ways bathrooms can pose a challenge to most of us on a budget. Whether it be a master bathroom that needs a fresh look or a kid's bathroom, the choices of colors and tiles are endless. Even though bathrooms can be an expensive interior design feature to remodel, they can make all the difference in providing a fresh, clean look to your home. The big question is how to spruce up the room. Do you add a brand new color scheme, different materials and textures, do you take a pattern across the entire wall area or do you add some WOW color?

Choosing the right color palette can make all the difference in giving your sacred room a whole new look and feel. Here we look at the versatility of using different bathroom color schemes that can be adapted to almost any size and style of bathroom space. Even though white is a complimentary color that anyone can use in a bathroom, there are so many color options on the market that will transform any space into your cherished haven.

Earth Tones Bathroom

In the past, bathrooms weren't very colorful areas and they weren't popular in drawing a lot of attention in the interior design world. If you're going for a more modern, symmetrical appearance, you might want to keep the walls and ceiling in neutral tones. An earth tone bathroom scheme is not only fresh and inviting but creates a simplistic and clean feeling.

Grey and White Bathroom

Don't hold back on adding a grey and white color combination to your bathroom. Grey is quickly becoming a hot color choice when it comes to bathroom design. Some may look at the color grey as gloomy and plain, but the good news is that grey is a neutral color and works well with brighter and bold color choices. This grey and white color palette features just the right hint of purple to finish off this ultra-modern bathroom.

Purple and White Bathroom

From exotic and quirky, few colors can make an impactful visual statement like the color purple. Not only does it sell luxury and elegance, but not matter the hue of purple, there is an imperial and majestic appearance about it. Purple bathrooms may not be as common as a neutral bathroom, but using the color artistically in a bathroom will add a feeling of relaxation and calm after a long, hard day. Do not be afraid to use purple in a small bathroom as you can add white to create a feeling of cheerfulness and airiness along with calm and order.

Bright Color Bathroom

Love the sleek lines of a floating shelf vanity! This retro style bright color bathroom uses the right amount of orange to pop the neutral walls and vanity area. Don't hesitate to add a splash of color to kids and teens bathrooms as it's easy to dress up the white foundation with layers of texture and color. Start off with neutral walls and fixtures and add a funky border or chair rail along with bold towels and accessories and they'll love lounging in this room.