Reef Marmara Marble Heart Shaped Bubble Mosaic Tile

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Reef Pebble Sliced Fine Marmara Marble Tile
Pebble sliced tile design never gets old! The iconic shapes and creative pattern allows you to create a statement in any space or compliment any color pallet. This eye-catching pebble pattern in fine Marmara marble is so versatile that designers love the flexibility this tile offers when planning home design or commercial projects. Fall in love with this tile on a kitchen backsplash, spruce up your master bathroom or even create a stunning, modern fireplace surround. The possibilities are endless with this tile pattern. Comes in various sizes of sliced pebble, and the mesh backing makes it very easy to install and cut to various sizes. Order a sample. You won't be disappointed!

Size: 12" x 12"
Chip Size: Varied

Coverage: 1 sq. ft.
Color: Grey

Material: Marble 
Thickness: 8mm
This tile is mesh mounted.

We recommend ordering a sample prior to placing a full order.