Muriel Link Marquina Glass and Marble Mosaic Tile

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Muriel Link Interlocking Marquina Black Glass and White Marble Tile
Black tile is always known to make a statement in interior design. The rich black interlocking pieces of glass and marble will make a bold, eye-catching impact on a feature wall, modern kitchen backsplash and luxurious, master bathroom. The dimpled glass also adds great dimension to this pattern. Our contemporary style of Muriel Link Marquina Glass and Marble Mosaic Tile lends itself to being used in luxury home design. The minimalistic elements of glass and marble provide a sleek look that will enhance any home project. This link pattern can be easily installed from its mesh mounted sheet to create different ambiences. 
Size: 10.8" x 10.8"
Coverage area: .81 sq. ft.
Color: Black
Material: Glass and marble
Chip Size: .9" x 1.1"

Thickness: 8mm
This tile is mesh mounted.

We recommend ordering a sample prior to placing a full order.