Pacific Slim Brick Multi Stone Tile - Corner

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Corner For Multi Color Pacific Slim Brick Thin Brick Tile 
CORNER PIECE IMAGE SHOWN REPRESENTS INSTALLATION OF 2 PIECES TO FORM A 45 DEGREE ANGLE. To help inspire the heart of your home design project, try this Pacific Slim Brick Multi Tile. Rich browns with hints of gold and grey will add a rustic effect with a modern look. Think brick tiles can add an industrial look to areas and will provide a cool architectural feature, interior or exterior. Add a dramatic contrast by using this slim brick tile with a light and neutral color palette. This mutlicolor slim brick tile offers versatility both interior and exterior. Ideal for kitchen spaces, bathroom walls, feature walls and fireplace surrounds. Add to an outdoor bar and get a ton of compliments. Sold by the piece.

Size: 4" x 7"
Color: Brown
Material: Stone 
Thickness: 3/8"

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