Pacific Slim Brick Black Stone Tile - Corner

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Corner For Black Pacific Slim Brick Thin Brick Tile 
CORNER PIECE IMAGE SHOWN REPRESENTS INSTALLATION OF 2 PIECES TO FORM A 45 DEGREE ANGLE. Brick walls add character to any room or area, but imagine using Pacific Slim Brick Black Tile on a feature wall or fireplace surround. The bold and strong color of black will become the focal point. Add complimenting accessories and furniture and you have created an elegant haven. This black slim brick tile offers versatility both interior and exterior. This think brick tile is popular amongst designers and homeowners. Used as a practical option on backsplashes as well, this slim brick tile is a statement piece and will compliment and home decor palette. Sold by the piece.

Size: 4" x 14.375"
Color: Black 
Material: Stone 
Thickness: 3/8"

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