Pacific Slim Brick Beige Stone Tile - Corner

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Corner For Pacific Slim Brick Beige Thin Brick Tile 
CORNER PIECE IMAGE SHOWN REPRESENTS INSTALLATION OF 2 PIECES TO FORM A 45 DEGREE ANGLE. This beige slim brick tile is a design that offers versatility both interior and exterior. Pacific Slim Brick Beige is ideal for creating a feature wall in your favorite room. This modern design is popular amongst designers and homeowners. Used as a practical option on backsplashes as well, this slim brick tile is a statement piece and will compliment and home decor palette. The Pacific Slim Brick Beige Tile is also ideal for a fireplace surround. Sold by the piece.  

Size: 4" x 14.375"
Color: Grey 
Material: Stone 
Thickness: 3/8"

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