Agata Circle Shell Beige Mosaic Glass Tile

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Agata Beige Mother of Pearl, Marble and Glass Mosaic Tile
This beautiful and unique mosaic glass tile fits into a pattern or circular pieces of marble, frosted glass, and mother of pearl. This pattern is made up of four different sizes of materials. Our mother of pearl pieces are made from 100% natural shells. The polished look of the shells reflect light beautifully and adds sophistication and warmth to any backsplash or wall. Please note due to the natural makeup of stone, variations may occur in color, pattern and veining. For interior use only. It is not recommended to use this tile submerged in water.
Sheet Size: 11" x 11.5" 
Coverage area: .88 sq. ft. 

Color: Beige
Material: Glass + Mother of Pearl Shell + Stone
Thickness: 8mm
This tile is mesh mounted.

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